Hello & welcome, my sweet friend!

I moved across the internet pond to a new website, and you made it here. I'm so excited to have you!

As a clinical nutritionist and wellness blogger, I've been privy to life behind-the-scenes in the online business world over the past eight years. I adore my work as a nutritionist, but I felt there was something missing from the blogging world that women desperately needed to see more of:

Realness and authenticity.

With the evolution of social media and the massive growth of Instagram, women’s lives began to look “perfect” online. And if you and I are being totally honest here, we know there’s A LOT going on behind closed doors that is a far cry from “perfectly-put-together.”

After being in the coaching industry since 2011, I decided to turn a new leaf and transition into blogging so I'm able to contribute to the realness I believe we’re lacking as a society. 

Sh*t isn’t always perfect, and it’s the imperfection that makes life truly beautiful and fun.

So through Healthy Wifestyle and my adventures in food, motherhood, lifestyle, love, and travel, I’m letting it all hang out!

As a new mom living in the burbs who's on-the-go constantly, I have plenty to share :)  

Thank you so much for being here and I hope you enjoy the journey!

Love & hugs,

ABOUT ME (Those fun facts I know you wanna read):

Originally from: Moorestown, NJ

Currently lives in: New Canaan, CT

Favorite food: Avocado toast with a super runny egg on top (my mouth is watering just typing that).

Most popular emoji: 😘 

Biggest pet peeve: Canceling plans last minute

Pets: Skyla, my cutie bengal kitten

Kiddos: My baby girl Lacey, born 11/22/17

Drink of choice: Rosé champs all the way

Best travel experience: Qualia, a resort on Hamilton Island in Australia

Post I enjoyed writing the most: I Got Fired & Fell In Love

One thing you don't know about me: I sleep with socks on every night (and put them under my husband's pillow in my sleep) 😂

What I'm most grateful for: My family, my husband, my daughter, my health, and having the ability to do work I truly love

What I'm up to these days: Learning to be a momma, getting back into teaching yoga (come take class with me if you're local!), and revamping Healthy Wifestyle for a new reveal this Fall!

If you have questions or want to say hello, I'd love to hear from you at amanda@healthywifestyle.com. xo!