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3 Date Night Ideas For Cooking At Home

3 Date Night Ideas For Cooking At Home

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I'm so excited to share Healthy Wifestyle's first guest blog, by my dear friend Michelle Kabler! Michelle is a Certified Natural Foods Chef and Food Coach and firmly believes that health starts in the kitchen. She rocks at what she does, which you'll easily be able to see after reading this post :) More on Michelle and her amazing Batch Cook Challenge towards the end!

Date night out. For many women, the best part of the week and often the yummiest. But date night IN? That’s a whole other level.

We know eating at home is healthier than eating out since we can control the ingredients that go into our food. But there are lots of benefits to dining in that are never talked about, especially when cooking with your partner.

For starters, you set your own pace. Restaurants are in the business of feeding as many people as possible; servers get food on your table and shoo you out the door ASAP so they can make tips on their next table. Cooking at home means you can slow down, enjoy every moment, savor the gradual build of the meal, and better yet, enjoy some mid-meal breaks for whatever the mood strikes.

Next, there’s the energetic factor. Food is energy. It provides us with fuel to power through the day and nutrients for our bodies to thrive. Through the act of cooking, we also infuse our emotions and intentions into the food. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take the loving intentions from me and my husband over angry restaurant workers ANY day.

Lastly, cooking at home is ripe for uninterrupted couple time! No waiter interrupting the moment to ask if you want dessert, no lines for the bathroom, no waiting on your second drink. When it’s just the two of you, you get just that – just the two of you. What could be better?

Whether you’re looking for creative date ideas, or craving romantic time at home with your hubs, here are 3 date ideas for cooking at home:


#1 – Work with your hands.

Sure, all those kitchen gadgets from the wedding registry have a time and place. But they often serve as a barrier between our bodies and the very food that is about to nourish them. Simply put, our hands are our best tools. Using them while cooking helps us connect even more to our food, ultimately resulting in more satisfying meals. Not to mention it doesn’t get any more sensual than using your hands to get right in there. I measure a good cooking sesh by how dirty my hands are, and I fully encourage you to do the same.

To start you off, here are some menu ideas you can create with your hands, listed from easiest to more advanced. YUM!

  • serving anything on crostini
  • massaging kale with some olive oil for a delicious salad
  • tossing oil into vegetables before roasting
  • rolling meatballs one-by-one
  • rubbing spices into a beautiful cut of meat
  • stuffing ravioli or dumplings
  • rolling out fresh-made pasta or pizza dough
  • homemade sushi
  • bonus points for eating with your hands, too!

#2 - Try something new.

Date night is special, and often means getting gussied up, trying new restaurants, and feeling the excitement of something new. I’m here to tell you that cooking at home can be equally – if not MORE special than eating out.

When you choose to cook at home, don’t automatically grab your sweats and slippers. Make the night feel special like date night deserves. Buy some gorgeous flowers, open a nice bottle of wine, and get dressed for the occasion. Do what you need to do for yourself to get you feeling your best. You’re about to create a delicious experience in more ways than one, and every detail counts.

To add to the experience, make something you wouldn’t normally cook at home. Spice up your cooking repertoire by creating dishes with totally new ingredients. Perhaps you’ll try a new vegetable or exotic spice (truffle salt, anyone?). Bring home a fresh lobster for the first time and learn how to cook it together. Recreate your favorite Thai dish from scratch. Experiencing something new together will bring you closer together and create memories – or at the very least a hilarious story.


#3 – Batch cook together.

This is the ultimate act of love. Batch cooking is setting aside time once a week to prepare mix-and-match dishes that enable you and your family to feel nourished during even the busiest week. You’re both busy rocking at life, separately and together as a couple, and batch cooking is the key to taking care of each other for even the busiest week ahead.

There’s nothing sexier than nourishing your partner, taking care of him out of pure, unwavering, unrequited love and devotion. Throw in the art of receiving that nourishment, and things are getting steamy. It feels satisfying and luxurious to be loved and cared for, am I right? The act of doing something together that will feed your bodies and souls the healthy food you need to live your best lives will only increase the loving energy you have toward each other. You’re welcome.


Isn't Michelle amazing?! If you want more from her (which you should!), she's running a totally FREE Batch Cook Challenge that starts TOMORROW! From her experience with clients, Michelle knows that batch cooking is the ticket to making it all work. Healthy eating should be easy, and THIS is your chance to learn how to make it easier than ever! She's dishing out 7 days of healthy cooking challenges including recipes, community, prizes, and overall feelings of bad-assery. Does it get any better? I seriously can't wait to get into my kitchen and join this challenge. Click here to get in on the fun!



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