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3 Tips To Wedding Planning With Ease

3 Tips To Wedding Planning With Ease

In January of 2014, my beloved got down on one knee on a boat in Disney World (yes, even at 30 years-old I still believe it’s the “most magical place on earth”) and asked me to marry him. I replied with, “Are you kidding? Of course!” and we hugged and kissed for hours under the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom.

Our “moment” lasted but a mere 24 hours before the questions came pouring in about our wedding day. “Where do you think you’ll have it? Will it be big or small? Have you thought about what kind of dress you’re going to wear?”

Seriously people. Give me a minute to enjoy the moment and the reality that I’m going to be marrying the most amazing human being I’ve ever met. And, of course, to admire the beautiful ring on my finger that I never even knew I wanted!

Brides endure a great amount of stress to create the perfect wedding. From the food and flowers to the entertainment, everything is expected to be flawless and full of glamour.

Instead of focusing on what truly matters--the celebration of the two people getting married--we’ve shifted our focus as a culture more towards the materialistic aspects of a wedding day. Naturally, that includes all attention focused on the bride: her hairdo, her dress designer, and…her size.

Most women I’ve met have been on a diet prior to their wedding day. Some hire a trainer so they can work towards those sexy biceps in their strapless gowns. Many unfortunately choose to crash diet, and barely end up eating the last month or two before their wedding day (cranky bride, anyone?). But never, ever, does anyone talk about what a bride should really be doing before her wedding day…

Having the time of her life.

Here's what I truly believe if the marriage is meant to be and you can allow your confidence to shine: your fiancé proposed to you just as you are. And I’m pretty sure he’s going to marry you just as you are. So why do you need to try to be a size 0 on your wedding day? You don't.

It IS possible to plan a wedding with ease, and get into the shape that you wish to be in on your wedding day by fueling your life with fun.

Instead of depriving yourself and restricting your diet so you can fit into that gorgeous wedding dress (which will only increase your stress and turn you into a bridezilla, by the way), why not learn to take care of yourself using habits that you can maintain long after the bliss of your wedding and honeymoon have passed?

If you let fun fuel your life and your every decision when it comes to the big day, the planning process becomes enjoyable rather than an obligation. By saying “yes” to the things that matter most, and by taking care of yourself and eating nourishing foods, you’ll naturally lose weight, and more importantly, feel great. Even if you’re not planning a wedding, the same rules apply!


Here are three ways to sprinkle the fun into your lifestyle during this special time and wedding plan with ease:

1. Base your pre-wedding “diet” on foods that fuel your body and make you feel good, rather than on diet trends.

I don’t believe in dieting before your wedding day. I believe in making the decision to create healthy habits for yourself so you’re able to sustain these habits long-term. Instead of Googling “wedding diet” or “best way to lose weight before a wedding,” why not learn to understand your body so you feel good both inside and out?

Just like you’re following your intuition with what you want for your wedding day--the colors, the flowers, the way you want to feel in your dress--try using that same intuition as a tool for the foods you choose to eat. How do your food choices make you feel? Are you energized and happy? Does cheese leave you feeling bloated? Have you noticed that your body is craving animal products after experimenting with a vegetarian diet? Tune in to how you feel and your body will never steer you wrong. Check out my article on MindBodyGreen “9 Signs Your Diet Is (Or Is Not) Working For You” to help you decide whether or not your diet choices are a dance-party-worthy success or a chocolate-cake-to-the-face failure.


2. Every time you make a big wedding decision and you’ve checked a few things off your list, go out and celebrate with your future love.

Engagements should be fun. Awesome. BEST-TIME-EVER. Yet, we pile ourselves under so many wedding contracts that we forget this special time is never going to happen again. What’s the rush?

Ryan and I waited over a year and a half after getting engaged to get married. And honestly, I would’ve waited longer. It was so nice to enjoy this period and plan things here and there without rushing into everything. Every time we did plan something big, like choosing our venue, picking out our wedding rings, or finding my dress and designing his suit, we did something FUN to celebrate.

We went to decadent dinners. We opened that really nice bottle of champagne we had been saving. We sweat in a few yoga classes together. We went on a VACATION. Actually, several. We’ve been on four vacations since we got engaged and have had the time of our lives!

Make space for this special time in your life. Enjoy the process. Celebrate. You will be much more thankful in the long run if you treat the engagement period as a special time rather than just a waiting period before the big day.


3. Place importance on the aspects of your wedding that will truly add significant value.

Increased stress levels inevitably lead to increased cortisol, a major contributing factor of weight gain. Instead of focusing on every small detail, place significance on the pieces of your wedding that are truly going to make a difference…and let the stress roll off your shoulders.

In the midst of all of the planning, take a few minutes to sit with yourself and journal about what really matters. What’s going to make you feel your absolute best on your wedding day? What’s going to bring the most fun to the day?

For me, I placed importance on our venue, entertainment, and making sure my wedding dress was actually comfortable. What I didn’t care about and what I knew wouldn’t add fun to my day? Invitations, flowers, my hair, and the cake. In fact, I let my Mom take the reigns on pretty much all of that. It’s a win-win: she feels super involved, and I don’t have to worry.

This worked for me. Do what works for you! 

If you bring fun into every aspect of your wedding day prep--the way you eat, the way you move your body, celebrating each milestone and the decisions you make--all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the process, because by following your intuition and bringing in the fun, nothing can stop you!

What was/is your experience with wedding planning? Did you go on a pre-wedding diet? Is there any advice you have for your fellow sisters out there who are in the process? Can't wait to hear from you!


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