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Best Gluten-Free Pasta Brands

Best Gluten-Free Pasta Brands

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So in all seriousness…who doesn’t LOVE pasta? Growing up, spaghetti with meatballs was a Sunday tradition. My super Italian Grandmother would serve lasagna as an appetizer on Thanksgiving (no joke). And there was always fresh ravioli or manicotti in the freezer.

Us Hayes’s (my maiden name) took our pasta very seriously. Things haven’t changed for me, especially since my dear husband loves pasta just as much as I do.

Unfortunately, our food system has been altered quite a bit over the past several decades. Traditional pasta contains high amounts of gluten, which many people are either allergic or sensitive to. The volume of gluten is so high in wheat products produced in the U.S.—think anything from pasta to bagels to muffins—that it’s almost three times the amount of gluten our grandparents consumed back in the day.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that health epidemics related to gluten have sprouted up and taken over, including eczema, chronic migraines, IBS, celiac disease, and more.

Gluten is a problem, and we’re only starting to peel back the onion on the negative health effects it’s having on our declining health.

If you’ve been to Europe in the recent past—I was in Italy and Paris last year—you may have noticed that you were totally fine eating bread, pasta, and pastries. But here, you may feel bloated or fatigued after eating those same foods. This isn’t uncommon, and again, it’s because the way we produce wheat is completely different than they do in most counties. Our wheat is typically genetically-modified if it’s not organic, and contains high amounts of the protein gluten, which our bodies don’t recognize and can’t digest.

Gluten-free foods have sprouted up everywhere, but that also doesn’t mean all gluten-free foods are healthy. Food manufacturers are very smart, and they pick up on health trends easily. Even if you see “gluten-free” on the front of a package, make sure to read the back! Sometimes food companies will substitute ingredients that are just as bad if not worse than traditional wheat, such as corn or soy.

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Now, let’s dive into my favorite gluten-free pasta brands. I will say that nothing compares to traditional pasta, and every now and then Ryan and I will splurge on the regular pasta that’s imported from Italy that you can buy at Whole Foods. It’s so delicious, and I rarely feel bloated or any other side effects afterward.

Best Gluten Free Pasta Brands

Otherwise, these are my top gluten-free picks:

1. Tolerant Simply Legumes Red Lentil Pasta

This is my favorite of the gluten-free varieties. I love the texture and taste, and really don’t miss traditional pasta when I’m eating this! It’s Ryan’s favorite too, so that should say something big, since he was tough to switch over J Tolerant pasta is also high in protein, and doesn’t leave me feeling super bloated like one of the other varieties I’ve listed here (also derived from legumes).

2. Jovial Brown Rice Pasta

I’ve used their lasagna and elbows, and also love the texture as long as it’s not overcooked. I prefer the taste of Tolerant to brown rice pasta, but I think it’s great to have options and the above two are my favorites.

Gluten Free Pasta Brands

3. Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta 

This was the first gluten-free pasta I tried many, many years ago, and it was a staple in my diet until I found Tolerant. I do like the taste, but the texture can be a bit iffy, as with any brown rice pasta if it’s overcooked. This is a really affordable option in most health foods stores for those looking to try gluten-free pasta without breaking the bank!

4. Banza Chickpea Pasta

I love the taste and texture of this pasta, but I’m not a fan of two things. First, it’s not organic. Second, it leaves me feeling pretty bloated. I believe this is from the abundant amount of pea protein in the pasta, but then again, I have many friends in the health realm who love this pasta and sing its praises! Just like any food, you have to find what works best for you.

There are so many gluten-free pasta brands coming out these days, but be careful—many are made with corn products. Ancient Harvest is a good example of this. Yes, their products are organic, but the first ingredient is corn rather than quinoa, and they market it as “quinoa pasta.”

Hope this is helpful, love! Enjoy trying out these gluten-free pasta brands and let me know if you have a brand you love in the comments. I’m always willing to try something new! Have you tried any of the above brands? What do you think?


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