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Best Maternity Clothing Brands

Best Maternity Clothing Brands

I’ve tried so hard not to buy too many maternity clothes since I’ll only be using them for such a short period of time. (Key word: tried.) Although I’ve ordered quite a bit from each of the retailers below, I didn’t end up keeping much, which I’m happy about!

Maternity clothing is far cuter than it was years ago, but it can be pretty pricey and add up quickly if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

So today, I wanted to share how I approached maternity clothing and my growing bump in hopes that it will help those of you ladies who have asked!

I’m a quality over quantity girl, so I ended up spending more money on a few pieces that I knew I would wear all the time rather than having a closet full of mediocre-quality clothes. That was my approach, but of course, it depends on your preferences.

Here are the brands I experimented with:

  • Isabella Oliver
  • Seraphine
  • ASOS
  • Pink Blush
  • A Pea In The Pod
  • Beyond Yoga
  • Ingrid & Isabel
  • Target
  • Destination Maternity (I’ll dive into what brands I chose)

I’ve also heard great things about Gap and Kohl’s, but never purchased from them.

Of the brands listed above, my favorites were A Pea In The Pod, Isabella Oliver, and Pink Blush. There’s three things to consider when buying maternity clothes…

Quality, price, and longevity. I was able to buy some adorable maternity outfits that could also be worn post-maternity as well. Total win-win!

Quality: There’s no competition here. Isabella Oliver is as high quality as it gets! I also loved certain pieces from Destination Maternity like jeans from AG, which I’ll be living in come Fall.

Price: Pink Blush runs about $30-$60 for most tops and dresses respectively, which is pretty reasonable at full price. I tried to always buy things on sale and searched the internet for coupons! ASOS also runs in the $20-$50 range, but I wasn’t a fan of their quality. Isabella Oliver is slightly more expensive at $60-$100+ for tops and dresses, but you can't beat how well-made their garments are.

Longevity: As I mentioned, it was my goal to try to purchase pieces that would work post-baby as well. This didn’t always happen, especially with pants and basic tank tops that I wear every day (which have the stretchy band on the sides). That being said, it was something I did consider with each purchase!

Here are some examples of pieces I purchased from each brand:

Cute Maternity Dresses

Isabella Oliver (All bought through Destination Maternity or IO's site. Look for sales!)
Katerina Maternity Dress, $125 (This can be worn post-baby)
Cap Sleep Scoop Top, $59 (Awesome for nights out in black and for layering)
Poppy Maternity Top, $95 (Wanted something pretty for Fall since I'll be big then)

Black V Neck Top, $41 (Loved this but grew out of it quickly with the boobies!)
Striped Nursing Dress, $69 (Also can be worn after baby and is super form-fitting)

Preggers Tshirt, $23 (Because it's so cute!)
Bardot Dress, $24 (For a LBD that was casual)

Pink Blush
Off Shoulder Maxi, $68 (Similar to what I have on, Ryan's favorite! Can be worn post-baby)
Floral Print Bell Sleeve Dress, $54 (For Fall with booties!)
Tropical Print Kimono, $26 (Can be worn after baby for any beach vaca)
Lace Up Top, $25 (Who doesn't love a good lace up?)

Trendy Maternity Clothes

A Pea In The Pod
Striped Back Cutout Dress, $78 (Comfy and casual, I have both colors)
V Scoop Neck Tee, $38 (A cheaper version of Isabella Oliver's tee that I love)

Best Maternity Clothes

Beyond Yoga
Beyond The Bump V Neck Shirt, $75 (The softest shirt I own, which is why I was okay spending more than you would at lululemon!)

Best Maternity Workout Clothes

Ingrid & Isabel
Maternity Leggings, $88 (I've been living in lululemon's Align Pants, but I'll be too big for them in my final months and plan on wearing these like...errryday)

Destination Maternity (Brands I loved: AG for jeans/shorts, Luxe Essentials for pants/dresses. I will say that my future sister-in-law works here, so I was able to use her discount, otherwise I wouldn’t have purchased as much as I did from this store!)
Cold Shoulder Maternity Dress, $68 (Great for when I'm big with booties in Fall)
Side Ruched Tank, $15 (I live in these in black and white)
Seamless Ruched Tank, $20 (I also have this one in black and white for layering)
AG White Maternity Shorts, $148 (Pricey, but I lived in these all Summer long)
AG Maternity Jeans, $215 (Have these ready for Fall!)

Target (I didn't end up keeping what I originally bought except for bras)

Phew! That was a fun list to put together. Hope you mamas-to-be and future mamas-to-be enjoy this list! If I had to do it all over again, here's what I would focus on...

1. A great pair of shorts for Summer (without the belly band because it gets hot!)
2. A great pair of jeans for Fall/Winter like the ones above
3. Lots of laying tanks in black and white like the ones from Destination Maternity
4. Maxi dresses that hide the bump for early pregnancy
5. Cute dresses that show the bump for later pregnancy
6. Leggings like the Align Pant/Crop from lululemon or Ingrid & Isabel maternity leggings

And that's it! You really don't need much to make it work :) Enjoy and happy shopping! 



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