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Current Obsessions: September

Current Obsessions: September

Outfit Deets: Top, Pink Blush (one similar) // Jeans, AG Maternity

You guys. I can’t believe it’s the last week of September! I suppose it’s because the weather has felt more like Summer than Fall. Not gonna lie, I bought a sweet pair of Stuart Weitzman high boots that I’ve been dying to break out, but between the weather and my pregnancy hormones, they’ve stayed tucked away in my closet ;)

Just like last month, I broke up September’s current obsessions into pregnancy-related and non pregnancy-related items. There’s quite a few products related to Fall and staying healthy, since colds and even the flu tend to creep in this time of year. Remember to stay hydrated, rest up, supplement when necessary, and eat well! Taking care of yourself as the seasons change is essential.

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In other news, here’s your list of current obsessions for September! Enjoy.


Non-Pregnancy Related

1. Fire Cider

There are two shot-like tonics that I’ve been loving, and this one has been in my repertoire for years. The minute I feel any cold symptoms coming on, I take a shot of this and continue to do so every morning until I feel better. I also use it as prevention during seasonal changes. It’s pretty potent from the horseradish and ginger, but it works!

2. Rituals Candle

Rituals sent me a candle and fragrance sticks (in cute bottles with my name on them!) and ever since I’ve been obsessed. The smell is so fresh and there’s no toxic scent to them whatsoever. They’re a bit on the pricey side, but worth the money for the clean aesthetic and ingredients.

3. Eating Evolved Coconut Butter Cups

So, yeah. I wrote a blog all about “quitting” sugar, but the truth is that as much as I try, quitting isn’t really a realistic goal for me, nor is it for most people. In my opinion, it’s about finding healthy foods that are high quality and still sweet, but without the nasty ingredients. Eating Evolved made this possible with their coconut butter cups. Each cup has four grams of sugar per serving derived from (obvi) organic coconut sugar. The base is coconut butter, which also happens to be one of my favorite pregnancy foods for its healthy fat and antimicrobial benefits. SO GOOD, you must try!

They also sell them in Whole Foods or through Thrive Market.

4. Farmhouse Culture Gut Shots

The second tonic on this month’s list is the healthy gut shot by Farmhouse Culture. I’ve been so fortunate throughout pregnancy to have maintained a somewhat regular “schedule” (read: my poops are on point), and I have probiotics, a healthy diet, and this tonic to thank for it. The gut shots are a concentrated version of their sauerkraut, and incredibly powerful. Again, you may want to treat the shot like a shot of tequila (it’s a little rough), but the benefits are worth it!

5. Purely Elizabeth Granola

This isn’t a new food for me, but in case you guys haven’t heard about PE, it’s time you do! I’ve been buying her granolas since the days when she was only serving three flavors and a few baking mixes. Now, PE has a slew of granola flavors, including ones that are grain-free. I tend to be partial to granolas with oats, especially since hers are all gluten-free. So delish, but be careful—you may end up snacking on the bag only to find yourself eating the entire thing in one sitting!

Pregnancy Related

1. Urban Cowboy Deodorant

I wrote about another deodorant in a previous current obsessions post, but even that one didn’t work after a few weeks and the baking soda started irritating my skin. I literally gave up and pretty much didn’t wear deodorant for a few months, which my husband didn’t appreciate. Guys…no one told me how much pregnancy messes with your scent. OH MA GOSH. I can’t believe how badly I smell sometimes, to the point where I’ve called it out in a “What the hell is that smell?!” comment and Ryan had to be like, “Babe, it’s you.”

This deodorant doesn’t have any baking soda and actually WORKS! I’m still getting a bit irritated, but it’s better than nothing. I know my husband is happy.

2. IS Clinical Active Serum

My skin has been on and off in terms of breakouts throughout pregnancy. As a form of self-care and because I absolutely love them, I’ve been getting facials almost every month throughout my pregnancy. Even still, I’ve had some hormonal acne appear around my chin. The IS Clinical Serum is pregnancy-safe and has really helped keep pimples at bay. It’s pricey, but lasts forever since you need a very small amount.

3. Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil

Leg cramps! Wow. I didn’t realize what I had been feeling before bedtime until I googled “leg pain at night” and read through a few blogs. The cramps are no joke! I relate them to the growing pains you’d get as a kid. I feel the constant need to stretch my legs when they come on. The only cure I’ve found that works? Magnesium oil. I will warn you—the oil tingles and even stings when you first apply it, so be sure to do this before you actually get into bed. It’s also somewhat sticky, so I wear pants to bed to make sure it doesn’t get all over my sheets. Totally worth it though, since the cramps will be gone and you’ll sleep like a champ!

4. 5Yina Facial Oil

I’ve been using clean and toxin-free beauty products long before I found out I was pregnant. The one product I couldn’t find that I knew would be a great addition to my regimen was facial oil. 5 Yina’s oil doesn’t leave my face feeling greasy and combats breakouts. They actually change their formulas in accordance with the seasons, which I love. Here’s the one I’ve been using for blemish prone skin.

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