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Healthy Wife Crush of the Month: Aimee Raupp

Healthy Wife Crush of the Month: Aimee Raupp

I'm so excited to share May's Healthy Wife Crush with you guys! Meet Aimee Raupp, an amazing acupuncturist and fertility specialist based in New York City and Nyack. She lives in Westport, CT, so I'm (not so) secretly pushing her to open a space in Connecticut! Aimee and I have a pretty interesting and synchronistic story behind how we connected.

I originally met Aimee in my San Diego days, around 2010. She was doing press for her first book, Chill Out And Get Healthy, and one of her stops was the lululemon store in La Jolla where I was working at the time.

I was in the midst of nutrition school that year, and Aimee's talk happened at just the right moment for me. I loved what she was doing, and her first book became one of my bibles. I had her sign my book afterward, and after chatting for a few minutes (we were both from New Jersey!), I had a funny feeling we would eventually cross paths down the road. 

Fast forward to February 2016, and I met Aimee again at Robyn Youkilis's book launch event for Go With Your Gut (also an amazing woman and book!). I went up to Aimee, reminded her of our little rendezvous, and the rest is history!

She was one of the first people I told when I found out I was pregnant, and even though I came at her with a million questions, she eased my mind in a matter of minutes. I had seen Aimee for acupuncture a few times prior to conceiving, and I have no doubt that this impacted my ability to get pregnant!

Aimee also has a fabulous line of organic beauty products that you need to check out! Click here to take a peek. If you have any questions for Aimee and I after reading the interview, post them in the comments below! Enjoy :)


Aimee Raupp Healthy Wifestyle

Aimee, girlfriend, you do it all. I can’t help but be enamored by you! Let’s dive straight into what may be a tough question to answer: how do you balance running your own business with motherhood? What does the elusive term of “balance” look like for you and your family?

It’s more about honoring my truth than it is about balance. As long as I’m tuned into myself and what feels best for me, then I feel good about all that I am doing. I make sure to schedule “Aimee Time,” because without that I lose connection with myself and then I can fall off-track and feel overwhelmed. I do what I love and all the things that are on my plate, I recognize that I put them there--so owning that truth helps keep me balanced.

You’ve been an entrepreneur for over a decade. In keeping with Healthy Wifestyle’s theme of transparency and authenticity, do you mind sharing your highest high and lowest low? (Since we all know both must co-exist within entrepreneurship:) What keeps you motivated to continue pressing forward?

The highs come with the creation and seeing the work transpire for people. Of course, seeing a book you’ve written for sale on Amazon or in Barnes & Noble feels amazing, but what feels equally amazing is the work I do ‘behind closed doors’ with my clients. Seeing their transformations make me feel high as a kite. And the lows for me are usually around money or comparison; things like “why don’t I have more in the bank?” or “why don’t I have as many followers as x.” You know the typical sh*t that mucks up our energy. When I go there I try to remember how far I’ve come and then I hand that worry over to the universe and ask for guidance so that I may find peace with the lows.

Circling back to your growing family, I find it amazing and positively ironic that you were pregnant with your first child at 40 while launching your second book, “Yes, You Can Get Pregnant: Natural Ways to Improve Your Fertility Now and into Your 40s.” What was that process like for you? Do you believe fate played a hand?

For sure, fate played a hand. As a dear friend, Gabby Bernstein, said, “God totally had that planned for you; you were meant to do it at 40 so you could show everyone they can do it!” And she was right. It felt good for me to truly know that the work I do really does work to keep health and fertility optimal and thriving.

I LOVE that you are planning to share your entire preconception plan with your audience for your second child, something you and I have in common and have discussed frequently. Why do you think women are afraid of being more open about this phase? Do you have any advice for women who may be struggling during preconception but don’t necessarily have an outlet (like a blog)?

They have fear that it won’t happen for them or that they will miscarry or that something will be wrong with the baby/pregnancy. It’s all just a lot of fear. And we all have it, I get it. But the way I see it is that my clients and my readers share so much of their story with me, so it’s only fair that I share mine. I love transparency. I love practicing what I preach. I love my body and I have faith in it and i want to inspire others to feel the same.

If you could give three recommendations for any woman trying to get pregnant, as it relates to food, supplements, or routines, what would they be?

Sleep, have fun sex all month long, and avoid processed packaged foods. (Love this!)

Your personal all-time favorite snack?

I’m kind of obsessed with Epic Bison Cranberry Bars right now.  And, Anita's coconut yogurt.

Best moment of motherhood so far?

Honestly, every day.  It’s the most amazing time. I guess if i had to pick a moment, it’s the moment that the three of us (my husband, Jaymes and I) are all holding one another, we call them ‘family sandwiches’ and they are just the best.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

You have the power to change your health and improve your fertility!

Want more from Aimee? Find her here:
Website: https://aimeeraupp.com/
Instagram: @aimeeraupp
Facebook: @bodybeliefexpert
Twitter: @aimeeraupp

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