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Healthy Wife Crush Of The Month: Blair Badenhop

Healthy Wife Crush Of The Month: Blair Badenhop

We're back with our second edition of Healthy Wife Crush of the Month! And for March, I'm introducing you to my oh-so talented and beautiful friend, Blair Badenhop. Blair is a branding expert, photographer, and wellness copywriter. I know what you're thinking, and yes, she does it ALL. But first and foremost, she's a soon-to-be wife to her handsome fiancé Jamie. 

I first met Blair back in 2014 at a women's wellness retreat in Vermont. We instantly connected, and ended up working together before becoming close friends. Blair's helped me strategize for my Food or Fiction Program, and has effortlessly finessed copy for most of my websites. It takes a village to run a business, and Blair has been an integral part of my team since the day we met. More importantly, we've discovered we're two peas in a pod, and I'm happy to call her a dear friend. You're about to learn why below... :)

Blair's opening up about finding "the one," handling stress during wedding planning, and what it's really been like transitioning to entrepreneurship. Read on for the goodies!

Let’s dive right in, my fave wife-to-be! Tell me a bit about what the experience was like for you of finding someone that you love and treasure enough to want to marry. What shifted within yourself and your own beliefs for you to say to yourself, “Yes, YES, I want to marry this man!” after Jamie got down on one knee after one year of dating? 

Such a good question! I have to start with sharing a little life lesson of mine first. For the longest time, I didn’t trust my intuition and that resulted in me staying in one relationship in particular that did not fully nourish me. I spent about 6 years having this feeling I was dating the wrong person and I finally realized that while yes, it was scary to leave him, my only job in this life is to honor my truth. So in 2015, I ended a 6 year relationship. I was 31 years old, all of my friends were pretty much married and having kids. And here I was starting over. Magically, though, I met my now fiancé, Jamie, just 4 months later. We had an instant connection and chemistry. I had forgotten what it was like to be adored and admired and wanted by a man.

And I know it’s cliché, but I had this feeling he was the person I’d marry. We just had and still have so much fun together, our whole relationship flows, we communicate honestly, we have great sex, and we want the same things. I think for me, I feel like I can be my whole self with him, silly, overly affectionate, semi-bratty, and every range of emotion there is, and he loves me all the same. Honestly, Jamie is the man I’ve been trying to manifest for years. And when it comes to committing to him, I have this feeling of total openness and certainty about it. Ever since my last relationship, I’ve learned that if things feel good in my gut, then I’m on the perfect path. And I’m really excited for the life we’re creating together.


Even though we’re both “go with the flow” kinda gals, we’re equally Type A, although we don’t want to admit it! How have you been handling the stress that tends to creep in during the wedding planning process? Any advice you’d give to our ladies out there planning weddings of their own?

Um, I was crazy at the beginning of planning this wedding! Not knowing where it was or when it was happening was probably the most stressful part. So I lined up like 7 venues to look at within the first month of being engaged, and we finally found our venue by the 2 month mark of our engagement. That was a HUGE relief. It wasn’t until we booked our caterer, photographer, and band that I finally started to chill out. I highly recommend getting that big stuff out of the way. But one of the greatest gifts I got from a bridesmaid of mine is this book called The Practical Wedding. It helps keep you focused on the big picture and what really matters: you’re marrying an amazing person, and truly nothing else really matters. That book helped me to craft a wedding planning mantra, “Let it be easy.” And I’ve found pulling all of the little wedding stuff together has definitely felt easier.

On a more exciting note, what’s been the most fun aspect of planning your wedding?

Well, obviously the most fun part is wedding dress shopping. It’s just one of the things you always think about as a girl, and it’s so fun to play dress up and see yourself in a wedding dress. I loved that part. I also love how our vendors have made us feel really special and taken care of. Also, as a creative person, I have LOVED deciding on all of the decor details. It’s been fun to choose the color scheme and create a cool environment for our guests to experience.


I know you’re really big into rituals and self-care. Can you share two or three of your favorite forms of self-care, and how making self-care a priority for you has changed your life?

Self-care is the best thing I can do for myself and the people in my life. When I feel run down, I get grumpy and that’s just not a good thing. For me, I try to start my day with meditation at least 3 mornings per week. It helps my anxious mind chill out before I dive into work for the day, and I find that setting intentions and practicing gratitude are two of the most grounding self-care practices ever. I also take lots of deep breaths throughout the day to just bring me back to my body and the present moment. Just knowing how to help myself feel better has been huge; I immediately know that when anxiety or stress or irritability creeps up, that I am slacking on taking care of myself. So it’s changed everything for me to just know how to remedy that so I show up the way I want to show up.

Let’s talk biz. How did you get into copywriting? I feel like it’s such a unique strength and one I totally envy of you.

Well, you should know that writing has been something I’ve been naturally drawn to since I was a little girl. I used to write in journals everyday, and write stories on my parents’ typewriter. I just loved words and still do. So it started there, and then I minored in writing in college, and knew that I wanted to write for a women’s magazine once I graduated. While that didn’t pan out, I wound up at a tiny magazine in Hoboken, NJ and became the managing editor of a website called CollegeCandy. So I got to write stories and edit stories. It was great. After that, I got into the marketing side of business at Harper’s Bazaar, then Dress for Success, and finally at Integrative Nutrition. What I love about it is getting into the head of the target audience and really understanding their needs, desires, fears, and challenges, and crafting copy that speaks directly to them. It’s pretty cool how words can have so much emotional impact on people’s actions. Copy is one of the most underrated things in marketing I think, yet it’s so huge when it comes to selling something.

Real talk: what’s it truly been like being an entrepreneur? The biggest lesson you’ve learned to date?

Oh man, it’s been an adventure to say the least. There’s so much uncertainty and fear that can creep up especially when you’re running your business full time, and you have to adjust to not having a regular paycheck. Your income is so much less predictable, no matter how many years you’ve been at it. That’s one of the hardest parts. But the best part is doing work you LOVE and having the FREEDOM to live and work the way you want. It’s just so awesome, and has been so worth the hard, uncomfortable moments I’ve had through the years.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is you have to stay positive, and not let fear-based thinking kill your inspiration or vibe. It’s so easy to get pulled down the rabbit hole of money worries and the like. The other thing I’ve learned is that the Universe totally has your back, and sometimes you just have to ride out the uncertainty while also asking for what you need, and then it just shows up. May sound woo-woo, but I’ve been living that very life and it’s true.

I know you have a gorg new website and program all about mastering your brand identity. Tell me a bit about that and what it was like to “create something from nothing.”

So over the years in working with lots of wellness entrepreneurs with their brands, I’ve found that so many of them are not spending time getting clear on what makes them unique. If you think about it, there’s no other Amanda or Blair on the planet. So our greatest branding asset is to really know and own who we are, and craft our brands out of that. And then, we wind up with a brand and business that is 100% you or me, and then you infuse that “you-ness” into your approach, your messaging, your services, and the way you go about working with clients.

So instead of trying to keep up with the really successful people, and getting our inspiration and guidance from their successes, we can use our own intuition and gut instincts to guide us. And I think that is essential to get started as a health coach or entrepreneur. Really knowing what you have to bring to the table, and believing in yourself, and recognizing that you’re unique because you’re you.

The course I just launched is called Your Wellness Brand. It’s an 8-week video learning program that teaches health coaches in particular how to leverage their unique qualities to connect with clients and create a one-of-a-kind wellness brand. Creating this course was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done. Because I had to do every single thing myself. I wrote the copy, I created the curriculum, I wrote the video scripts, I rented the video equipment, luckily Jamie is an unofficial videographer and killed it in helping me film the content. And now I’m trying to spread the word about it in the hopes that health coaches will find it, and I’ll get the opportunity to teach them. Which is really exciting.


Best part about living in NYC?

Everything is here. Delicious restaurants, every fitness class under the sun, and so many fun events and experiences to have. Jamie and I live on the UWS near Riverside Park, so we have the best of the city nearby, but also the quiet of a neighborhood with some nature right outside our door. Plus, it’s really easy to travel to see family and friends because the public transportation is pretty solid. It’s just an exciting place to be.

Favorite healthy snack?

I’ve been making these smoothie like tonics recently in the morning, and they’re kind of like snacks. I blend up macadamia nut milk, bone broth protein, coconut butter, turmeric, fresh ginger, and add some hot water. It winds up being like a golden milk latte but with some protein goodness.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

Hmm, this is tough one. What’s coming to mind is a simple piece of advice: trust your gut. I think my biggest lesson in this life has been to trust the small clues and cues on my intuition, and to honor them even if they don’t make sense. I practice this in my relationship, in my business, and in everyday life, just checking in to see how I’m feeling about a certain situation or opportunity. And I’m always able to get the answer. So if there’s one skill to master, it’s tuning into your intuition and trusting what it tells you.

BIG thank you to Blair for her fabulous interview!

Learn more about her new course for wellness entrepreneurs here:
Your Wellness Brand

And connect with her on social media here:
 Instagram: @blairbadenhop
Facebook: facebook.com/blairbadenhop 

Have any questions for me or Blair? Simply ask them in the comments below and we'll get back to you! 



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