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My Postpartum Exercise Routine

My Postpartum Exercise Routine

So, yeah. The title of this post is pretty ironic, because truthfully, there’s a complete lack in routine as far as my exercise is concerned. I’ve learned that this is the life of having an infant, and my biggest lesson with workouts has been to fit them in whenever I can!

I’ve written out my exercise schedule for the week on many Sundays, and then…life and Lacey happen, and maybe I hit 50% of my goal. In the beginning, I used to get really upset. As someone who’s always been a planner, I’ve struggled with this aspect of motherhood. I’m spontaneous in a lot of ways, but this is not one of them!

Until somewhat recently, I barely had any childcare. We had a sitter come once, maybe twice per week for a few hours, and in that time I would go to physical therapy (I still go to help fix my diastasis and vag issues post-labor), grocery shopping, or to the gym. The gym was always last on my list. It wasn’t until Lacey was four months old that I realized I truly needed help, both for my physical and mental wellbeing. We found the most wonderful nanny and with her around, I finally have some time to take care of myself.

I used to fit in workouts at home here and there (we are blessed to have a small space in our basement for a home gym), but it’s simply not the same as going to a class or going for a walk outside solo.


When I’m home, my favorite ways to workout include two apps. Here’s the down low:

1. Aaptiv: If you’ve been following me on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen me post about aaptiv. I found out about this app when was I pregnant, and even became one of their ambassadors because I loved it so much. They have a program based on trimesters for pregnancy and I did almost all of the workouts up until 35 weeks. It saved me!

As far as post-pregnancy, I’ve been using their treadmill, elliptical, yoga, and strength training workouts. They’re all so good. There’s no video involved—it’s all done by voice, which I find so much more appealing. This way I’m not looking at my phone every 5 seconds to make sure I’m doing a move right! The instructors are fantastic, and every workout is unique. I’d say I use this app at least once per week.

2. Sweat: Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know who Kayla Itsines is. She’s the Australian beauty who created Bikini Body Guides, and is one of the instructors in the Sweat app. I did her BBG guides a few years ago and they really kicked my ass. The Sweat app includes her BBG workouts in addition to strength training workouts (PWR) and postpartum workouts. I did the postpartum workouts for a few weeks but didn’t feel challenged enough, so I started doing PWR. I only do the arms ones and do feel a lot stronger than I did prior. I’m finally getting my muscles back! I don’t go by the plan (you’re supposed to do 3 workouts per week), but I’m lucky if I can get one or two in.

These apps motivate me to workout at home, and I’m grateful for them both!

When I have time to get out of the house, I love taking classes. This gets tricky because I’m still situating my postpartum issues and can’t work my core or sweat too much (so HIIT classes are out). I choose yoga first if it’s available because I crave the zen, otherwise I’ve done low key strength classes or barre but skipped the abs.

Now that our nanny is with us for three days per week, I’m working on this schedule:

Monday: Home with Lacey // Either run or strength class with aaptiv
Tuesday: Yoga Class at Oxygen Fitness
Wednesday: Home with Lacey in the morning // Run or walk
Thursday: Strength Class at Oxygen Fitness
Friday: Home with Lacey // Baby yoga class
Saturday & Sunday: Walks with Ryan and Lacey, and sometimes I can sneak away to a yoga or barre class if timing works! (But not so much during Summer, since Ryan plays golf and I become a golf widow 😂)

Side note: Whatever movement you can get in during those first few months is an accomplishment. Becoming a mom is a serious and life-altering job, so don’t expect things to go back to normal straightaway. I’ve seen women back on their spin bike at six weeks postpartum, and part of me envied them for that. I’ve learned to respect my own journey, as slow as it’s been, because my body needs the extra time in order to heal properly. Patience and self-love are more important now than ever before.

That’s it, loves! Exercise is like medicine for me, and without it (even if it’s just a walk!), I go a little nutty. Part of the reason we even hired a nanny was to allow me to move my body without having to worry. And of course to start working again, because I’ve missed connecting with you! I’d love to hear from my ladies in the comments below—what does your postpartum routine (or lack there of, ha!) look like? Did you ease back into exercise or jump on the horse at 6 weeks postpartum? Either way, you’re a rockstar mama.


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