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Natural Flu Remedies (+ How To Stay Healthy)

Natural Flu Remedies (+ How To Stay Healthy)

February might be everyone’s least favorite month. The high of the New Year has passed, it’s cold AF, and we’re counting down the days until Spring. Even though it’s the shortest month of the year, it seems to drag on for.ev.er. For my fellow Northeast peeps, I know you feel me :)

Not only do the temperatures continue to drop, but February is also the peak month for flu activity.


I’ve gotten the flu once in the past eight or so years, and case in point, it was in February back in 2014. (Random segue: Ryan and I watched the entire series of Newsroom throughout the 10 days I was sick. If you still haven't seen it, it's by far one of my favorite shows of all time!)

Knowing this, it’s even more imperative to keep your immune system boosted and your health at its highest to avoid catching the flu--or even a cold.

One of the greatest benefits of holistic health is learning that you have the ability to care for many ailments on your own, giving you the power to put your health into your own hands. 

(In other words, you don’t need to take the flu shot. I haven’t taken it in over a decade. This topic deserves a separate post, but for now read this article by my friend Christa if you’re looking for additional education.)

Growing up with a Mom who was a nurse, I got used to popping a pill the second something felt wrong. Antibiotics were given to my brothers and I like candy, and I became accustomed to handling even the slightest headache with a pill rather than treating the root cause. 

When I started studying nutrition, I found it so satisfying that I could treat many of my ailments at home, on my own--sans doctor’s office and sans pills. That made me one happy girl, considering I’ve dreaded going to the doctor’s office since the age of five!

Learning to prevent and treat illnesses on your own can be super simple as long as you have the right supplements and tools on hand. Of course, prevention should always be your number one priority. The better we care for ourselves, the less likely we are to take on those not-so-sexy cold and flu symptoms such as a stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, headache, sneezing, or cough.

Note: I’m not saying doctors are evil. Of course modern medicine has a place and we would be lost without it. I love our family doctor and I do see her, but only when truly necessary. If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms (high fever, body aches, chills, fatigue, nausea, etc.), it’s best to get yourself checked out!

Here’s some delish foods & supplements I recommend for prevention & treatment. There are many natural flu remedies you can rely on ahead of drugs or antibiotics!

Probiotic-rich drinks & food:

Probiotics naturally exist in Kombucha, a form of fermented tea, as well as kraut, which is simply cabbage that's been fermenting from anywhere from seven days to one month. Greens powders typically contain probiotic stands, and are a great way to obtain nutrients if you're someone who doesn't drink green juice or eat raw, organic greens on the reg.


  • Vitamin D: Thorne Research Vitamin D3 / Thorne Research Vitamin D3/K2 Liquid 
  • (I take two drops of the liquid every other day, and one capsule of the 5,000 IU's every other day so they are rotated for maximum absorption. During these colder months, I may even take the Vitamin D3 5,000 daily if I feel symptoms coming on or if my immune system is compromised – remember to see your doctor to have your levels checked prior to supplementing!)
  • Multivitamin: Rainbow Light Women’s One or New Chapter One Daily (Follow bottle instructions for dosage)
  • Probiotic: Thorne Floramend or Garden of Life Raw Probiotics (Follow bottle instructions for dosage--I take Thorne's probiotic at bedtime nearly every night, especially when traveling or if I'm eating out frequently. It's completely changed my digestion for the better!)

Natural flu remedies if you do feel symptoms coming on:
(Remember, love, the “flu” by nature is a virus, and you cannot cure a virus through antibiotics. It simply has to work its way out of your system. By combining powerful supplements and getting plenty of rest, you’ll typically feel better after 7-10 days. Patience is a virtue in this and every circumstance!)

And, I know this isn't natural, but I believe sleep heals all, and it's really hard to sleep when you're sick. Melatonin simply doesn't cut it for me during this time. If you have to take Nyquil when you're feeling like you've been hit by a bus, do it. Sleep induced by Nyquil is 100% better than little to no sleep due to illness!

Anything else you guys take that you would recommend? Have you ever tried any of my remedies? Colloidal silver is my secret weapon! Stay healthy and be well. 


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