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Nursery Reveal

Nursery Reveal

This post has been a long time coming! I actually ordered most of the nursery in my first trimester because I had some down time while feeling under the weather. (I’m also an overly-prepared person and pregnancy was no exception!)

I wanted the nursery to feel inviting, warm, classic, and elegant all at the same time. I also didn’t want to go crazy with wallpaper or paint in case we ended up moving the babe down the road. So we chose a basic wallpaper for the accent wall and kept the paint that was already there incase this room becomes a guest room in a few years.

As of now, she’s in the biggest bedroom aside from ours, but if we have another girl, we’re going to move her to the bedroom down the hallway. This other bedroom has a jack and jill bathroom with our third guest room, and I’d rather our girls grow up sharing a bathroom and in rooms of equal size so there’s no bickering! Yes, I’m planning ahead majorly.

I really wanted to go purple instead of pink to be a little less cliché, but I couldn’t find anything purple that I really liked. After lots of research, I decided on a petal-like pink, gray, white, and gold.

I had so much fun putting this room together and know she’s going to love it. We decided to put the crib in the middle of the room because we only had one wall that was big enough for a piece of furniture (because of windows), so the dresser won out since a crib can stand on its own in the center.

Speaking of the crib—this was one piece of furniture that I for sure wanted to go as non-toxic as possible. Most 100% non-toxic cribs run $1,000 plus, and only come in a straight wood finish to avoid paint-based toxins (brands like Green Cradle). I decided on something more middle ground and chose the Nest crib, which has no VOC’s after curing and is formaldehyde-free. I found it to be a better option (and less expensive) than those at Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware.

Be careful when ordering furniture from the above stores for your nursery—I adore the dresser we have, but it took months for it to “off-gas” its toxic scent. I wiped it constantly and even used white vinegar. If you plan to order from traditional furniture stores, that’s totally fine—just do it as early as possible so there’s time for it to breathe before baby comes into contact with it.

Here goes! Below are some photos and a list of the furniture pieces we chose.

Nursery Reveal
Nursery Reveal2
Nursery Reveal3
Nursery Reveal5
Nursery Reveal6

Enjoy mamas! Know that your baby will love whatever environment you’re designing for his or her nursery, because it’s all done with love and created by YOU!


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See You In 2018!

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