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Second Trimester Recap

Second Trimester Recap

Outfit deets: Top, Seraphine / Shorts, AG Maternity / Necklace, JCrew / Sandals, Valentino

I haven’t written about my pregnancy in over a month, so I figured it was time to give you guys an update! I’ve received the most lovely messages from you via email and Instagram, and I’m so glad you’re enjoying all things pregnancy-related that I’ve shared.

I’m writing this post at 23 weeks, and it’s crazy to think that I’m over halfway through this pregnancy. If you read my first trimester post, you know that things were pretty rough, and the days and weeks felt so long thanks to morning sickness and fatigue.

All of those symptoms miraculously vanished around 14 weeks, as everyone said they would. It was literally an overnight change. I was no longer nauseous 24/7, I could workout without eating in the middle of a class (no joke!), and vegetables made their way back into my diet.

I’m not going to say things are perfect, because my body is changing nearly every day. But I will say that I feel amazing comparatively and am so happy to be in the “honeymoon” phase of pregnancy!

Healthy Wifestyle Second Trimester Recap
Second Trimester Recap

Here’s the 411…


As I mentioned, my diet has completely changed in the past 10 weeks (from 13 weeks to now 23 weeks). I still crave carbohydrates constantly, mainly because the placenta thrives on glucose, but I’m able to get in vegetables and feel like my normal self again!

I’ll be writing a post on what my daily diet looks like in detail, but for now I will say that I’ve mainly been eating pretty similar to how I was prior to pregnancy.

I went from being hungry all the time (up until about 15 weeks), to average hunger, to not being able to eat large meals. The little babe has taken up significant space in my belly, and I don’t feel well after eating what I would consider to be a normal meal for me—an example being a large salad with protein or even a smoothie bowl.

I’m rarely starving, which is a drastic change from how I’ve felt in the recent past. I still try to eat every three or so hours, but smaller quantities of food. When I overdo it (and this happens more frequently than it should!), I definitely don’t feel well, but my body always works it out.

A typical day could look something like…

  • Breakfast: Smoothie, smoothie bowl, or piece of toast with nut butter and fruit
  • Snack: Apple with hummus, smoothie (if I had toast for breakfast), or protein bar
  • Lunch: Always a big salad with protein such as chicken, wild salmon or shrimp
  • Snack: Grass-fed yogurt with granola and berries, or chips and salsa with avocado
  • Dinner: Scrambled eggs with veggies and toast, wild fish with veggies, or grass-fed burger and fries. We eat out quite a bit so this varies!
  • Dessert: A few handfuls of cereal (one craving that has lagged on since my first trimester!), or Not Your Sugar Mamas chocolate

What about cravings? I haven’t had many throughout my pregnancy. One of the weirdest cravings that I have had is mayo. I know, it sounds so weird. During my first trimester and to this day, I love all things that involve mayo. Think egg salad, chicken salad, and sandwiches. I can’t get enough!

I never craved sugar in the first trimester, but now it’s a daily occurrence. I’m trying not to indulge or to choose healthier options like coconut sugar-sweetened granola, smoothies, or dark chocolate, and for the most part I do. I actually decided not to do the gestational diabetes test because I believe there is no way I could ever have it, and my doctors agreed. So I’m simply doing a fasting blood glucose test first thing in the morning instead.

Sidenote: Ladies, talk to your doctors! I’ve passed out twice during this pregnancy, and both were blood sugar related. For me to drink that nasty orange drink they give you would have me and the baby in a tailspin, and it’s something completely unhealthy for my body in particular that I decided to forgo. I’ve treated pregnancy like I treat the rest of my life, by always asking questions and following my gut. I haven’t played by the rules, and I’ve enjoyed my pregnancy a lot more because of it! Just because something is “traditional” in our society when it comes to pregnancy doesn’t mean it’s necessary, so make sure to always ask questions if you’re unsure on how to proceed.

Other than that, I’ve been experiencing those not-so-cute pregnancy symptoms including constipation and indigestion. When I travel, the constipation gets worse, so I always make sure to take my probiotic with me and have kombucha on hand.

I’ve been lucky enough to avoid heartburn, but I do—how do I say this politely—have “air” circulating through me on the daily. From both ends.

All in all, I’m happy with my diet and I’ve taken extra pride in cooking and caring for myself and this little girl. Pregnancy is not a free-for-all, eat whatever you want circumstance, and it’s more important than ever to feed your body well! 


I was able to do some exercise in the first trimester, but because I was nauseous most days, it was hard to get in a good workout.

Even though the days of my hour-long cardio and HIIT workouts are long gone, I’m still able to sweat almost daily.

I rotate between walking, prenatal and regular yoga classes, and short interval training workouts through Aaptiv. This app is what has kept me in shape throughout pregnancy! It’s taught me how to workout week by week, and has shown me what I’m capable of despite my growing bump.

At 23 weeks, I’m still doing interval-training workouts that include exercises such as pushups and squats, and I do a weight training arm workout on my own twice per week. I’m still running as well, although I alternate between running and walking for 30-45 minutes. So for every two minutes I run or jog, I walk another two minutes to recover.

Pregnancy workouts are definitely an adjustment. It took me a long time to realize that working out is not going to hurt the baby, and in fact is going to only help the baby and I stay healthy throughout pregnancy and labor. I don’t know about you, but I’m up for anything that will make labor easier!

Do you guys have any pregnancy workouts you do? I’d love to hear about them in the comments. Everyone I know does barre, but it’s not for me.


Although I’ve been working out and eating healthy, my body is still evolving in ways I wouldn’t have expected. I’ll be writing about how I’m handling my body and body image in general during pregnancy, but for now I will say that it’s been an adjustment, and a relationship I work on daily. My husband has been so amazing and supportive in this department.

As someone who’s always had a smaller frame, it’s been interesting to watch my belly grow, my booty add on cellulite, and my hips stretch out to the point where I have stretch marks on both sides. I freaked the first time I saw them (especially because they happened before any real growth at 14 weeks), but then I completely let go. I believe they are genetic, and all I can do is love and accept my new body and take care of myself to the best of my ability.

Second Trimester Recap Amanda Morgan

I adore my little bump, and adore what’s happening inside even more. I could feel our little girl moving as early as 16 weeks, and she hasn’t stopped since. She loves to put on a show and moves around constantly. In fact, during our week 20 anatomy scan, she was punching and kicking the scanner! Our technician said she’s going to be a feisty little girl, which I already knew (Scorpio!), but her actions solidified my thoughts.

It’s been fun to dress the bump, and I’ve been showing it off more than hiding it. I finallyyyyy have a bump to show, and this didn’t really happen until the early 20’s. In fact, in some shirts it still looks like I ate a large dinner the night before! It’s hot AF here in Connecticut lately, so my go-to has been maternity shorts with a tight top (like the combo pictured above) or a flowy dress. I’ll be sharing a post on my favorite maternity brands soon!


I’m definitely a little afraid of labor, but I also feel like it’s something I can handle. I know that I can’t go into labor with a plan, so I’m completely open to whatever this baby needs in order to make her way into the world.

That being said, I am prepping as much as I can to make the process of labor as simple as it can be. Here’s three steps I’ve taken thus far:

1. I hired a doula, who will be with me throughout the entire labor. Knowing I have her support throughout the process is a lifesaver. She’ll help me labor as much as possible at home so there’s less of a chance of being induced at the hospital, and will also be encapsulating my placenta (to help with PPD since I’m having a winter baby) and assisting with breastfeeding.

2. Ryan and I are taking a prenatal class with The Parent Collective two months out from my due date. This class is in person, which I love because it will give me the chance to connect with other local moms-to-be. The class will focus on relaxation techniques for labor, pain management, managing breast feeding, and newborn care.

3. I also purchased the Hypnobabies self-study course. I’d love to have a natural birth, but I also am not attached to that scenario. I have two friends who have used Hypnobabies and had natural births with their firsts, and said the experience was amazing. THAT is how I want to talk about my birth experience—with joy, pride, and ease, regardless of what goes down.

I plan on completing Hynobabies and The Parent Collective Class in September, which is perfect timing for my 11/11 due date. I still have 17 weeks left, but I’m ready to meet this little nugget!

We don’t have a name picked out yet, incase you’re wondering. I’m one of those people that needs to meet the baby first. I don’t know her, so how can I give her a name? I would hate to become attached to something only to look at her and say, “this just doesn’t work for you.” So, Ryan and I are waiting with our handful of names until we see her sweet face.

Oh man, that was quite the recap! I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Are you pregnant or planning on getting pregnant? What’s your experience been like? Everyone’s story is so unique, and I truly enjoy hearing about what you’re going through as well!


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