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Queen Bey Went Vegan. Should You?

Queen Bey Went Vegan. Should You?


Music industry icon.
Grammy winner.
Singer & songwriter.

Last year, Beyoncé made headlines around the world in an interview with Good Morning America where she told us all about her new vegan diet. Because Queen Bey runs the world, this begs the question: if Beyoncé went vegan, should you?

Going from enjoying southern foods like fried chicken (one of her proclaimed faves) to adopting a diet that does not include any animal products whatsoever may seem like a  rather radical change.

For many, the transition to a vegan diet works well and brings about energy and a zest for life that was once lost (thanks to the Standard American Diet). For others, a vegan diet leaves them hangry (hungry + angry) with a zest for…FOOD.

Miss Bey enjoyed how she felt so much on her vegan diet that she partnered with the man who led her through the transition, trainer and author of The 22-Day Revolution Marco Borges, to bring about a plant-based meal delivery service.

BAM. Being a celeb really pays off  (in every way!).

I’m sure Beyoncé did feel great after going vegan for 22 days. I truly believe anyone who consumes animal products for a long period of time and takes a break from this routine will feel ah-mazing.

FYI: I’m not vegan. And here are my two concerns with the world hearing all about Beyoncé’s vegan diet.

Celebs have far too much power in our current world. What they say, goes. So after Beyoncé announced her vegan diet, everyone ran to their computers to search “how to be vegan” on Google.

Veganism isn’t for everyone. I’ve tried it, my husband has tried it, and many of my clients and friends have tried it. Unless you know what you’re doing (supplementing properly, obtaining all necessary nutrients), going vegan can be downright dangerous for your health. I believe in many of the principles behind veganism, and Ryan and I apply these principles to our every day lives…

We eat a mainly plant-based diet (roughly 75%). One of my fave vegan meals is zoodles (zucchini noodles) with  a light marinara sauce, basil and pine nuts.

We source our animal products through local farms and know exactly where our food is coming from, and more importantly, how the animals are being treated.

We do our best to purchase products that have not been tested on animals and look to do more good than harm to protect the world we live in.

I’ve learned through experimentation that eating vegan (a plant-based diet) does not work for me. That being said, I have many friends, including Tara Stiles and Lara Heimann, who thrive on only eating plant foods. It’s important to do what works for your body rather than listening to what everyone else is doing (yes, even if it’s Beyoncé). You should want to eat a certain way because it makes your body FEEL good, not because it makes your body LOOK good.

Which brings me to my second concern.

Beyoncé was spot on while talking about how eating vegan gave her energy and made her skin look really firm. Very positive and upbeat benefits.

The comments that made me cringe?

“I am not naturally the thinnest woman. I have curves. I’m proud of my curves and I have struggled since a young age with diets. And finding something that actually works, that actually keeps the weight off, has been difficult for me.”

Embracing the curves? Awesome. Love it. Bravo.

But why do we always have to bring the conversation back to losing weight and keeping it off? I believe that if Beyoncé – who probably burns more calories shaking her booty on stage than anyone on Earth – ate a truly balanced diet, which included plant foods and sustainably-raised animal protein (so she didn’t feel like she was depriving herself, which seems to be what she used to do), she could keep the weight off without even having to think about it. And, more importantly, she would feel amazing and still enjoy all the benefits her vegan diet had to offer.

FYI, word on the street is that she’s no longer totally vegan. So maybe her plant-based diet experiment taught her to aim for balance.

I hope that one day we can turn the conversation into a more positive one around weight and feeling good…regardless of one’s size.

And by the way…I love Beyoncé. Just using her as an example :)

Have you ever gone vegan? Was it because you had specific goals for weight loss, or did you do it because you actually wanted to feel better? Do you think eating vegan is healthy? Are you more into veganism for the principles, or the diet? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below!


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