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Snacks To Pack When Traveling

Snacks To Pack When Traveling

You can probably assume from reading this blog that I looooove to travel. Ryan and I decided prior to getting married that travel was going to be a major priority before we had kids, and we meant it! I know many of you guys did the same exact thing before little ones came around (or you’re in the midst of your travel now, solo or with your significant other), so we’re not alone in our itch to see the world.

Since we met in 2012, we’ve been to LA, San Diego, Las Vegas, Austin, Sarasota, Orlando, Miami, Myrtle Beach, Boston, Martha’s Vineyard, Newport, and Philadelphia in the states. Our abroad adventures have taken us to the Bahamas, Bermuda, Mexico, Puerto Rico, France, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and Bora Bora.

I’m definitely missing a few domestic cities, but you get my point. Travel is a necessity to us. It may sound like a lot by simply reading that list, but to me, there’s always room for more travel. (Note that many of those destinations were visited on our honeymoon--this extensive list will not be typical every four years:)

One question I get consistently is how to pack food-wise for travel ahead of time. And, what you can do to feel prepared for and stay healthy while traveling.

Of course, there is something to be said about experiencing local culture–-including the food-–while you’re traveling. Especially abroad in Europe and Australia, where I’ve eaten some of the best food of my life.

Knowing that our food system in the states is slightly different than abroad (this is what my group coaching program for women, Food or Fiction, teaches you about!), I prefer to prep ahead when traveling domestically. Abroad, I’m more of a “wing it” kinda gal.

So the question remains: how do you set yourself up for success? Here are my top three tips to staying healthy throughout your travels:

1. Research before you go.

Google is your best friend prior to traveling. Take the time to look up the nearest healthy grocery store (if you’re renting a house and have a fridge), healthy restaurants, and any organic juice/smoothie places that might be a good go-to when you need a snack during those long walks on the beach or hours on the mountain skiing.

Google terms such as: City, State and organic restaurants/healthy restaurant/vegan restaurant (even if you’re not vegan, healthy options usually come up)/juice bars, etc.

If you’re driving, you have the luxury of bringing a cooler and any foods you may want with you for your trip. If you’re flying, there’s still an opportunity to bring yummy foods with you. I’m actually on a flight to San Diego right now, and I have:

Since this is an extended trip, I did check a bag, so I had room in my backpack and purse for all of these foods. I always make room, because no one wants to be starving on a six-hour flight!

I mention what I brought with me because this is part of the research and prep. I spent about 20 minutes yesterday planning out what I was going to bring with me for breakfast on the way to the airport and what I would have on hand for lunch on the plane. Twenty minutes! That’s all it took for me to feel great about my food choices and know that I would be fully satisfied during this long day of travel.

I also am staying in a new area in La Jolla, so I’ve already Googled my closest grocery store (Vons) and health food spot where I can find green juice and healthy eats (Trilogy Sanctuary).

So in about 30ish minutes, I’ve done all the work necessary to feel prepared. The rest of the time, I’ll wing it with my girlfriends—and I encourage you to do the same when traveling. (See #3)

2. Pack snacks that will last the length of your trip

Whether you have a long car ride or plane ride ahead of you, make sure to pack foods that are semi-nonperishable. I say semi- because depending on the length of hours, some foods may be okay. That tuna sandwich I mentioned above has been sitting in my bag for five hours now since I left my house, but it will still be fine! (I hope—I’ll keep you posted:).

Suggestions & different snack foods to try:


Other options not pictured:

  • This is not pictured because I’ll be purchasing it in San Diego, but I always bring a blender bottle and greens powder with me for the mornings (my version of coffee–even my digestion changes when I travel). These are my two favorite brands: Amazing Grass Green Superfood Powder, Chocolate Flavor (single serve packs) and Healthforce Greener Grasses
  • Smoothie ingredients including: unsweetened almond milk, greens powder (above), chia seeds, almond butter, bananas, berries, etc. Oh, and your blender if you're driving!
  • Kale chips (My fave brand is Alive & Radiant)
  • Go Raw sprouted cookies (I love the Ginger Snap flavor!)
  • Pre-cut veggies with hummus (look for organic hummus made with extra virgin olive oil)

3. Enjoy the ride

Sounds simple enough, right? It is, but not for everyone. I remember the days quite fondly when I would freak out if I didn’t know exactly when and where I was going to eat (read the post here).

Food should be cherished and enjoyed, especially when you’re traveling.

The 80/20 rule applies to your vacations even more so than to every day life. Regardless of where you’re traveling to, indulge and let yourself take in all that you can.

What would happen if you let your food “rules” go completely, and just enjoyed yourself on a trip? You’ll never know until you try. So be a badass, prepare to a point that makes you happy, and have some fun.

What about you, loves? Do you have any snacks that you love to travel with? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below. Also, any other trips for staying healthy while you travel? Thanks for being here!


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