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Sneak Peek Inside My Home Office

Sneak Peek Inside My Home Office

Hello, beautiful friends! I can't believe it's May, and I haven't written to you since my birthday. Where has the time gone?

On my end, we spent a week in sunny Florida and it was the first trip in years where I made the decision NOT to bring my laptop. It was refreshing and I plan on doing it more often down the road!

I am so excited to share big news with you on Thursday that I can hardly keep it together. Even as I write this post, it's all I'm thinking about, so make sure to check back in a few days for a surprise!

Ryan and I are slowly (very slowly) decorating our new home, and it's been really fun. I wish I was one of those woman who simply "got" interior design and could throw things together, but arts and crafts were never my thing (like seriously, they would've failed me in kindergarten if they could've).

So, we decided to hire an interior designer, whom I truly love working with. Little by little our home is coming together, and I couldn't be happier! If you're local and are interested in learning more about who we're working with, check out Morgan Harrison Home.

My office was a room I wanted to get moving as soon as we moved in. It's where I spend the majority of my day, and I needed to finally have a space that felt like "me" and was motivating and inspiring, a definite necessity for anyone working from home.

We kept it light, bright, and airy. It's not quite finished yet (I'll be doing a second post once all is said and done later this Summer!), but you guys kept asking about my desk and furnishings, so here you go! Links to everything are below.


Amanda Morgan Home Office Tour
Amanda Morgan Desk
Amanda Morgan Home Office
Amanda Morgan Office Shelves
Amanda Morgan Office Sneak Peek
Amanda Morgan Office
Amanda Morgan Office Tour
Amanda Morgan Gallery Wall

Hope you enjoyed the tour! Here's a few links to what you see:

Current Mood Large Print: Gray Malin
Coogee Beach Overview Small Print: Gray Malin
Rosé sîl vous plaît Print With Copper Frame: Minted
Pining for Pineapple Print: Minted 
Framing for Pineapple Print: Framebridge
Confettiscape Hand Holding Photo in Rose Gold Foil: Minted (Photo itself custom)
Framing for Confettiscape: Framebridge
White Shelving: West Elm
White Marble Desk: Custom, but here's one similar
White Desk Chair: Nuevo Carlo Desk Chair
Chandelier: Purchased from Klaff's in Norwalk, CT

Surprise! We're Pregnant

Surprise! We're Pregnant

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