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Updated Skincare Routine

Updated Skincare Routine

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I feel like my skin is ever-changing, hence this being my third post on skincare! Check out the first two here and here (the second I wrote when I was dealing with hormonal acne during pregnancy).

My skin is definitely in a better place than it was during pregnancy and immediately after. Those hormones really did a number on my face! That certainly doesn’t mean I’m free of issues, though. I constantly have weird things happening, like my lips swelling up in Bermuda (I’ve had lip issues for over a year), new wrinkles on my forehead (I mean, sleepless nights probably contribute to this!), and a new vein that appeared after I gave birth to Lacey (thanks, girlfriend).

Because things are always evolving, so is my skincare routine. I’ve been using clean beauty products since my mid-20’s, so that’s nothing new. But I love trying new product lines, and a new favorite for me is Tata Harper.

Ok, here goes!

Updated Beauty Routine


I don’t really wash my face in the morning, unless I take a shower. I stopped showering in the mornings this past winter when my skin was becoming increasingly dry, especially with breastfeeding. When I don’t shower, I simply use an Acure face wipe, throw on some sunscreen and mascara, and call it a day.

If I do shower, here’s my routine:

Organic Skincare Routine

If not, it’s rather simple:

When it comes to skincare, I had to mention deodorant because everyone always asks. I use this Urban Cowboy one because it’s the ONLY deodorant that’s baking soda-free (I get really irritated), all natural, and (kinda) works! Honestly, if I’m going to be around people all day I do wear Dove even though it has aluminum. Most days, I wear nothing or the Urban Cowboy and don’t care about the smell. I can’t say the same for Ryan, though 😂 He’s definitely come home and given me the stink eye (pun intended!) for my stench! I blame it on the breastfeeding hormones.


Updated Skincare Routine2

After a long day, I always look forward to a hot shower after Lacey goes to sleep. I rotate between a few different face washes not pictured:

After, I apply the following products:

And that’s that! Taking care of your skin is super important. Organic food and clean beauty products are two things I’ve always spent money on, no matter my income. Hopefully this is helpful and you can try a new product or two! Do you have any recommendations for me? Xo


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