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Why Every Women Needs A Pair Of Adidas Stan Smiths

Why Every Women Needs A Pair Of Adidas Stan Smiths

Happy Friday, loves! You ladies know I’m not normally one for fashion-related posts, but I couldn’t help myself with this one :)

I don’t even know if I have a “sense of style,” per say, because my style varies so much between the seasons and what Ryan and I are up to socially.

During the day, I typically live in workout gear unless I have a meeting. After working at lululemon in my 20’s, it’s hard for me to put on real clothes!

Outside of workout gear, I’m a black/neutrals-in-the-winter, floral-in-the-summer kind of gal. My clothing and shoe designers range all over the map, from my favorite pair of $50 Rainbow flip-flops (because you can’t grow up on the Jersey Shore without them!) to my Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots that I got for Christmas last year after pining for them for years. Total sidebar, but those SW boots NEVER go on sale and I found them on Nordstrom's site for 35% off! Still pricey, but these are investment boots that will last years to come.

I’m all about versatility when it comes to shoes. The best ones go with every outfit, from casual to dress up.

Which is why I believe every woman needs to own a pair of Stan Smiths.

Healthy Wifestyle Stan Smiths

I’ve been wearing both these white Stan Smiths and my Sambas (seriously I remember wearing these in middle school!) with everything from leggings to casual dresses for years, and now this trend is everywhere.

Now that I’m pregnant, comfort is key. That doesn’t mean I want to schlep around in PJ’s all day (even though I kind of did during my first trimester), and these shoes help me stay a little stylish on the bottom while also being comfortable, especially when walking is required.

Healthy Wifestyle Amanda Morgan Stan Smiths
Healthy Wifestyle Amanda Morgan

Even though I’m only 21 weeks, my feet are already starting to swell if I’m standing for long periods of time. Comfortable shoes aren’t just a desire, they’re a necessity!

Below I share my top five pics with you, but here’s one nugget of wisdom you need to know if you’re going to order: sizing is weird with these shoes because they’re unisex. I’m a size 8.5 in regular workout sneakers, and I buy these in a size 7 and my Samba’s are a size 6.5. So you’ll want to size down 1.5-2 sizes from your regular sneakers!

Stan Smith’s range from all sorts of colors and fabrics, but here are my favorite five looks:

1. Stan Smith in Green $60 at Nordstrom

Everyone from your friend's daughter to Karlie Kloss has a pair of these, and for good reason. They're so damn cute, and the pop of green is eye-catching!

2. Stan Smith in Black $75 at Barney's

For my city ladies who love black, these are for you. They literally go with everything.

3. Stan Smith in Neutral $70 on Zappos

These are a spin on the ones I own, and I love mine because they can go light or dark depending on the season because of the neutral backing.

4. Stan Smith in Red $74.95 at Nordstrom

These were the first pair I owned, since I love me some red! It's a sexy color, whether it's on your lips or as an accent color on your kicks. 

5. Stan Smith in Navy Suede $79.95 at Nordstrom 

I'm definitely going to be stocking up on something similar for Fall and Winter, when my feet won't fit into any of my normal cute boots! You can rock these with jeans or plaid dresses, and either way you're winning.

Hope you enjoyed the roundup dolls! Let me know if you have a pair of Stan Smiths and if you love them as much as I do in the comments below. If you don't have them yet, trust me they are worth the less than $80 investment--you'll end up wearing them all the time!


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