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Why Yoga Sculpt Is About To Take Over Fitness

Why Yoga Sculpt Is About To Take Over Fitness

I’ve been dying to write and share this post with you for months. In case you didn’t know, I’ve been in San Diego since January 25th for yoga teacher training and am so excited to say that I completed my training this past weekend!

While some of the experience was quite grueling (four six-hour flights in four weeks, Air BnB issues, nonstop heated yoga to the point where I felt constantly dehydrated, ha!), I am so happy that I decided to partake in Corepower’s Yoga Sculpt Training.

There aren’t many studios that teach yoga sculpt, at least where I live between New York and Connecticut. Although it’s not a new concept to Corepower studios, it’s a new concept to the yoga community.

In fact, when I wanted to take a yoga sculpt class in New York City, a quick Google search proved that yoga sculpt barely existed in a city I consider to be the mecca of workouts. (The only studio that may offer something similar is YogaWorks, but I have yet to take the class).


As much as I adore the work I do, it leaves much to be desired in terms of community and connection. I spend most of my day solo behind a computer, unless I’m meeting friends for co-working dates or lunch.

This left me feeling pretty isolated after several years, especially after moving to a new town. I decided to transform my business model (hence the rebrand behind Healthy Wifestyle:) to create time and space for something new, not knowing exactly what the transition would look like.

Whenever I take action that may scare me, the universe always has a way of easing my mind.

Shortly after I made this business decision, I decided I wanted to get back into yoga training. (I completed Strala’s YTT with Tara Stiles back in 2014). Teaching would provide the sense of community I was missing, and offer a change of pace from the days I spend blogging behind the computer.

I knew of a few yoga sculpt studios in San Diego, so I booked a trip in early December to check them out. And wouldn’t you know that one of my teachers during the trip happened to be hosting a teacher training for sculpt the very next month.

Duh…of course this was a sign! So after canceling not one, but two trips Ryan and I already had planned and taking care of a bunch of logistics, off to San Diego I went.

I knew it was meant to be, and even though we would be apart for several weeks during this month, Ryan and I approached the situation as a team and his support has been unwavering and amazing. He’s THE BEST, ever.

One week into the workout and I knew without a doubt that once yoga sculpt hits New York City, people are going to go crazy over it.

It’s definitely not for anyone who’s looking for traditional yoga. The class is tailored more to the yogi who enjoys a good HIIT workout just as much as they enjoy a great vinyasa class.

There are three main reasons yoga sculpt is about to take over New York City and the surrounding areas:


1. It helps the non-yogi enter the door to the yoga world. I have many friends who won’t do yoga because they believe it’s “not a good enough workout.” Aside from the fact that the physical benefits of yoga are completely secondary to the mental, even traditional yoga classes help to build strength and flexibility in a way a bootcamp class will never be able to.

My arms and shoulders are strong because of yoga, not because of the weight-lifting and kettle-bell swings I do in bootcamp.

That being said, the mental benefits of yoga are why I fell in love with it in the first place. I’m a typical Type A, anxious person by nature, and yoga helps me get out of my own head and live in a space of peace and presence. Without it, I have no doubt that I’d already be on a daily dose of Xanax (no judgment here) and would’ve developed serious issues within my body due to my bootcamp-type workouts and a lack of stretching and releasing.

At my gym in Connecticut, there are the bootcampers, the spin gals, and the yogi’s. I’m one of the few who mixes it up between the three. My gym friends pat me on the back for my love of yoga, but little do they know that once they try this yoga sculpt class, it won’t take long for them to jump right on the yoga train.

With the addition of sculpting exercises such as squats, bicep curls, lunges, and tricep extensions to a traditional yoga practice, you get the mental aspects of a conventional yoga class mixed with the strength-building exercises of a bootcamp.

It’s a win-win, and I can’t imagine anyone, regardless of their background, not jumping for joy over this workout.

2. On the other end of the spectrum, yoga sculpt offers the more traditional yogi an opportunity to try something new within their practice.

For the yoga-only person, bootcamps may seem harsh and overrated. While many yoga sculpt classes are more bootcamp-based than yoga-based, the crux of the practice is still rooted in yoga tradition. I’m a big proponent of weight-training, especially for women as we age.

While much of traditional yoga relies on body weight (think chaturanga push-ups), the addition of weights to a yoga practice helps to increase muscle mass and encourage muscle building, which for women, is critical past the age of 30.

Women begin to lose the ability to maintain lean muscle mass and proper bone density in our early 30’s. Yikes! Diet plays a major role in both of these instances, but the addition of weight training can help tremendously.

Many yoga-only peeps are not gym goers for a reason. But yoga sculpt could provide the environment for them to incorporate weight training into their workouts with ease.


3. It’s just SO. FUN.

When you combine yoga, bootcamp, fun music, and a good sweat, you can’t go wrong. One of the reasons I was hooked on yoga sculpt from day one was because of the music. Good music can transform a workout.

Since so much of a yoga sculpt class is taught to the beat, house music and remixed old-school songs (think Whitney Houston classics) are mixed in. It’s like a 60-minute dance party that’s just really hot and sweaty.

To be honest, one of the things I’m most excited about as a yoga teacher is coming up with playlists. Yay!

Everyone’s smiling, counting down moves together, and super engaged in the class. If you’re having “one of those days,” this class will be able to change that in a heartbeat.

Okay, I went on and on about yoga sculpt, but you’ll just have to try it for yourself to see what it’s all about.

Corepower studios are opening up in NYC in May, and hopefully I’ll be teaching there. Otherwise, you can find me teaching in Connecticut in the coming months and I’m sure I’ll make a few yoga videos for you guys as well!

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts in the comments. Have you ever tried yoga sculpt? Are you open to it? Would you want me to make a short video to give you a glimpse of what the workout is all about?


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